How to overcome imposter syndrome

Do you ever feel like an imposter or fraud in your career? Downplaying your talent or abilities?

5 tips on how to overcome imposter syndrome

Acknowledge your thoughts– and put them into perspective. Regularly practicing positive affirmations e.g. ‘I am expert at what I do’ can help.

Give yourself a boost– Keep a record to remind you of the compliments or ‘thank you’ emails or letters you’ve received in recent times. Also, I recommend that you regularly remind yourself of your skills, experience, achievements and learnings. A good way of doing this is to regularly read through your updated CV.

Focus on yourself-  It’s all too easy to focus in on all the great things that another person/colleague has done. Whilst its’ great to congratulate people on their successes, some people find it easy to shout every success they achieve through the rooftops!  Instead, use your time to appreciate how great you are and focus on your own development.

Share with others- Talk to others about how you are feeling, perhaps a friend or career coach who has experienced ‘imposter syndrome’ themselves (most people have!). They can hopefully reassure you that these thoughts are normal and most people have experienced it.. making it all seem less scary.

Remember that many of your skills are transferable– to other jobs, promotions or professions- e.g. communication, interpersonal or leadership skills.

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