Thinking about a career change or a new job in 2024?

One positive thing to have come out of covid-19 was the time we had to reflect on how we’d been living our lives and the role our careers play in our lives. Many clients of mine used this time to reconsider their career choices and explore the possibility of making some changes. Are you thinking about a job or career change in 2024?

5 tips to support you on the road to a career change

Take time – to think about the reasons why you want change. What direction would you would like to take and what might this change bring to your career satisfaction and quality of life? Talk to a career coach who can support you in identifying and clarifying what you really want to do and how you can go about it.

Research – Once you have identified the direction you wish to take, it’s time to do your research. Link in with people who have made a similar change into this type of job or career path to find out about their experiences. Contact HR departments or the head office of organisations that you wish to work for. They may be able to help you find more information on how you could move into your chosen career or job. Your career coach can also support you with this.

Mind the gap – Having done your research, you should now know if there is a gap you need to bridge to help you secure your chosen career path or job. You should also be clear on how you can bridge the gap. Do you need further work experience in advance of the change?. Is there voluntary work you can do to bridge the gap?. Is there further study required?. Or perhaps there are books or materials you could read to educate yourself on your chosen field?. What transferable skills do you have?.

Make a plan – So by now you know where you’d like to go and what you need to do to get you there. It’s now time to make a plan with realistic goals and timelines. The plan should also include sufficient time allocated to job search activities, networking, building your CV/Linkedin profile, job applications, interview preparation time etc. Your career coach can work with you on each of these goals and activities.

Celebrate the milestones – The road to a job or career change can sometimes feel challenging and may involve several if not many steps. Remember that it took courage to make the first steps towards this change. Make sure you celebrate each milestone or goal you achieve along the way. Nothing worthwhile in life is ever easy so congratulate yourself for being on the journey towards a career or job change. Some new and exciting adventures lie ahead.

As a Career Coach, I provide both online and in-person Career Consultations. Some areas I specialize in include the following:

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  • Job applications
  • Job Search
  • Interview preparation (to include online interviews)
  • Preparing for promotion or progression
  • Salary negotiations
  • Preparing for retirement
  • Redundancy or job loss
  • And more….

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