Hi, I’m Ciara Stewart.

I’m passionate and committed in supporting people make positive change or enhancements to their careers. I bring my expertise, experience and qualifications together in providing a top class career consultancy and services to my clients. You can read about my own career path below.

My Career Path

Having graduated from university with a Degree in Psychology & Psychoanalysis, I was passionate about working in a ‘people focussed’ position. I wanted to support others in achieving their potential and help organisations look after and develop their own people. Shortly after, with this natural interest in people, talent and careers, I began my career in Human Resources.

Since then, I’ve spent almost 20 years in HR & Recruitment, working across industries such as Insurance, Banking, Consulting, Gaming & Entertainment. I’ve led and managed recruitment teams, led interview panels, sourced and hired talent for all types of roles and levels within organisations. I’m an expert in the assessment of candidates through interviews, psychometric testing and assessment centres, working with all levels across industries.

What I discovered through my experience is that many candidates fail to plan their route in finding their preferred career path. With this in mind, I wanted to be in a position to offer more support, guidance and coaching to people to help them navigate their careers more effectively. I completed a Master’s Degree in Career Guidance & Counselling in DCU, graduating in 2013. I added to my expertise and qualifications by completing a Diploma in Executive & Leadership Coach in 2016. I’m an experienced and qualified Career Guidance Counsellor and Career Coach, working with both private clients and organisations. I’m qualified in the administration of psychometric testing, both aptitude and personality testing and a qualified facilitator of Myers Briggs.

My Qualifications

MSc Career Guidance & Counselling


Dip. Executive & Leadership Coaching


B.A. Psychology & Psychoanalysis


Cert. Occupational Testing (Level A & B)


Cert. MBTI Practitioner


Cert. Employment Law


Cert. Human Resources


Cert. Counselling & Psychotherapy

Here To Support You

My expertise is in supporting my clients make positive change or enhancements to their careers. Whether it be finding your true purpose, performing within your chosen career path or working with you in preparing for interviews, a promotion or a change in career, I can help you.

Careers are complex. I work with each client to identify the challenges of their current situation, whilst supporting and empowering them with the tools and knowledge to gain clarity on their strengths and preferences. This enables us to apply solutions and a plan of action for my clients to move forward in their careers. I also offer support to clients in developing and sustaining career resilience.

Continuing from my career in HR & Recruitment, I also offer my expertise to organisations in assessing, hiring, promoting and managing talent, ensuring they have the right frameworks in place. Offerings include interviewing services, design and implementation of recruitment strategy and managing recruitment & assessment campaigns.