Other Services

Other Services

Perfecting your CV

Are you looking to apply for a new job or a promotion? We offer the expertise to help you prepare and perfect your CV. We will work with you to tailor your CV in line with the specific job/s you are interested in. This service is available via online meeting.

CV Writing

CV Review

Other Services

Presenting your best LinkedIn profile

Whether you already have a LinkedIn profile and would like to make some discreet changes or improvements or perhaps you’d like to start building a LinkedIn profile from scratch, we have the experience and expertise to help you rock that profile! This service is available via online meeting.

Other Services

Psychometric testing / Personality Questionnaires

Have you been asked to complete psychometric testing or a personality questionnaire as part of an interview process for a new job? Or perhaps you’d like to find out more in-depth knowledge about how your personality and skills can facilitate and influence your career development and performance?

We have the expertise and qualifications in the use of and administration of psychometric testing and personality questionnaires. This service is available via online meeting.

Other Services

Interview Skills for Interviewers

Would you like to improve your skills as an interviewer or refresh your skills in preparation for upcoming interviews you are facilitating? Interviewing skills coaching provides interviewers with the skills, knowledge and tools to effectively prepare for and facilitate best practice interviews as well as providing post-interview feedback to candidates. You can book Interview skills coaching below and this service is available via online meeting.


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