Talent Acquisition Consulting

We are experts in assessing, hiring, promoting and managing talent. Our offerings include interviewing services, design and implementation of recruitment strategy as well as design and management of recruitment campaigns.

Interviewing Services

If your organisation would benefit from including additional interview expertise to your interview panels or if you require an expert interviewer to chair interviews or a recruitment campaign, we offer interviewing/selection services up to executive level. We offer extensive experience and expertise in chairing, leading and facilitating interviews across industries and operating at all levels.

Recruitment Strategy

We work with organisations to define or re-define recruitment strategy, focusing on short, medium and long-term goals and building recruitment teams. We have extensive experience leading recruitment teams and driving recruitment strategy across industries.

Assessment Tools for Recruitment

Are you considering integrating other assessment tools such as video or online interviewing or assessment centres with your recruitment process? We can work with you and advise you on the most appropriate assessment solutions for your organisation.

Psychometric Testing/ Personality Questionnaires

Would you like to learn more about the use of personality questionnaires or psychometric testing as part of your recruitment campaigns? We have expertise and qualifications in the use and administration of these assessment tools for all types of positions. Find out how to introduce and integrate testing into your recruitment strategy and selection process.